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How long does coding take to learn & why no code is the future

You don't have to let being intimidated by learning to code cause you to abandon your web app startup idea before you've even got started.

Here's our quick guide to how long does coding take to learn and why you might like to explore no code web app development first.

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Skip to why learning code and writing fluently in a thousand programming languages may not be what you need to launch your web app.

What are your learning code goals?

There are many reasons why learning code may be appealing to you. Some people learn code because they are looking for a career change - web app developers can earn $60,000+ a year.

For other people they learn a programming language because they have a burning idea for a SaaS web application, they want to build the next big success on Product Hunt. But where do you start if you don't know how to code? Or even how long it takes to learn to code?

How to start building your web app & learn code

Python is one of the most popular programming languages and it's estimated that Python takes between two and six months to learn the fundamentals. Traditional computer science bachelors degrees can take two to four years but coding bootcamps can help you learn faster and accelerate your education to become a web developer.

How long does coding take to learn & why no code is the future imageThere are a number of coding academies available where you can learn code online such as Code Academy with create courses to help you to start learning Python.

But there's a huge jump from learning variables and building simple applications that tell you if a number is odd or even to launching a startup on Product Hunt. Not to mention that as a sole founder learning a single programming language is rarely enough. Your web apps landing page alone may require you to learn HTML, CSS & javascript.

Is there a faster way to learn coding & launch my own web app?

Yes! Let me introduce you to no code web app development.

We're big fans of Bubble, a visual development platform, otherwise known as a no code web app development platform.

If you learn Bubble there's no need to learn coding. You can save yourself months by simply not learning code but learning how to maximise a no code platform like Bubble instead.

Each week we post new Bubble tutorial videos to Planet No Code. If you've not heard of Bubble your about to discover a whole world of rapid app development possiblities.

Here are some quick videos demonstrating how to build with Bubble web application features in minutes that would take a coding beginner days to create.

  1. How to create a user registration form in Bubble
  2. How to show a cluster of map pins with Google Maps in Bubble
  3. How to Build an NFT Marketplace Login with Figma & Bubble
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