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Bubble io price

Bubble io is an amazing no-code web app development tool. With Bubble you can build your web app ideas and establish your startup. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about Bubble io pricing.

Bubble io price featured image

As of January 2023 Bubble provides 5 different pricing plans ranging from a free plan to get you started with no-code app development all the way through to Production and Enterprise plans costing in excess of $400 USD.

Key takeways from Bubble io pricing

Bubble's free plan is all you need to test Bubble and work out if Bubble is the right no-code development platform for you. There are limitations on Bubble's free plan such as database size and access to backend workflows.

Database size

The limitations on database size shouldn't be a limitation for testing your idea.

Access to backend workflows

You'll have to upgrade to a paid plan to access backend workflows and database triggers. These workflows are incredibly helpful when it comes to optimising your app and reducing front-end loading time. Again, you should be able to test your idea and start building your app without backend workflows.

Which plan do I need?

As mentioned above paid plans unlock backend workflows, database triggers and most importantly for launching your MVP adding custom domains to your Bubble app. In my experience I have not come across an MVP that requires any plan higher than the Personal plan. As you develop your no-code web app you'll have plenty of opportunity to check server capacity metrics and judge whether you need to upgrade your Bubble io pricing plan to Professional or Production.

What's missing in the priced Bubble paid plans?

There is one feature that remains only accessible within the Custom plan. We can safely assume the Custom plan is in excess of $500 USD because the Bubble io price plan below is around the $500 USD mark. That missing feature is choice of hosting region. Without the Custom plan you cannot choose which AWS data center your Bubble app is hosted and where your database data is stored.

Bubble io pricing table (Jan 2023)

Bubble io pricing table screenshot taken January 2023.

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