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Top 6 limitations

Bubble is a fantastic no-code web app development platform. But I often get asked: what are main limitations?

Here are my top 6 limitations broken into 2 categories: platform and user.

Frontend performance

One common frustration in the Bubble community is front end loading times. How long does a user have to wait for a page to load? Within the last few months Bubble have shipped multiple updates including the release of the New Responsive Engine that have resulted in vast improvements in Bubble app performance.

I'd recommend testing your Bubble app's front end loading speed with GTmetrix.

Server location

Another limitation is server location. Right now, unless you splash out on Bubble's most premium pricing tier your app and database are stored in the USA. Some app developers may have specific instructions from their clients about where in the world data can be stored.

Lack of native app exports

Lastly on platform limitations, it is the number one feature request from the Bubble community: native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Right now Bubble does not have a 'export to iOS and Android' feature and based on a live stream earlier this year it's not an immediate priority. Whilst it is still possible to convert your Bubble app to mobile the current routes add magnitudes of complexity and development time to an app build.

Now user limitations. Here's what to look out for when building your MVP with Bubble and it boils down to how a solo founder is often forced to be a Jack or Jill of all trades.

Bubble apps 'can' look terrible

A common apprehension I've heard voiced by Bubble app builders who are just getting started is that the Bubble apps they've seen just don't look good. Personally I'm always having side hustle ideas, I can quickly work out how to build the mechanics in Bubble but I'm not a UI designer. Thankfully there are a number of places including and themeforest where you can purchase templates and find UI inspiration.

Don't forget to validate your idea

If you're anything like me your head is swimming with start up ideas. For a long time I'd get swept up in the build without spending much time validating my idea. This changed when I read 'The Mom Test: How to Talk to Customers & Learn If Your Business Is a Good Idea When Everyone Is Lying to You' by Rob Fitzpatrick. Yes, the best way to learn with Bubble is to start building, but I should have taken time to validate my ideas before getting too invested.

Don't forget to have a marketing plan

Finally a solo founder is assumed to be a pro ideas person, pro UI designer and pro marketer. If you build it they will come is simply not true. Looking back I still think some of my abandoned Bubble apps are great ideas but I should have had a marketing plan from the start.


Whilst it's not fair to say that a lack of idea validation and marketing is a limitation of the Bubble platform, they are limitations I commonly see within Bubble app builder community. Bubble explodes open a world of possibility when it comes to bring web app ideas to life, and so powerfully, that idea validation and marketing are often overlooked.

What do you think is the biggest limitation of Bubble? What would you like to seem Bubble release in the next few months? Leave a comment below.

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