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Bubble Video Conferencing with Whereby

Create your own no-code video conferencing web app with Whereby &

Creating Whereby Meetings & Auth

In part two of our Whereby & Bubble mini-series, we delve into creating a no-code video conferencing app by integrating the whereby embedded API with Learn how to authenticate the API, create a meeting, and retrieve essential data effortlessly.

Embed a video call in your Bubble app

Learn how to embed a Whereby video call you've created using the no-code Whereby API into your Bubble app.

User registration & securing your Bubble app

Learn how to enhance your video conferencing app with secure user registration and login in this educational tutorial. In this video, we cover setting up a registration and login form, adjusting privacy rules for user data, and optimizing security features for your app. Discover essential steps to improve user experience and safeguard data integrity using no-code development with Bubble.