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Empathic AI - AI Demo with

Experience the future of AI with empathetic technology like that can understand and respond to human emotions. Imagine the possibilities of integrating such advanced AI technology into your or no-code application for a more personalized user experience.

Introduction: Empathetic AI

Did you know there is now empathetic AI that can detect the tone as well as analyzing the words that you use when you engage with it? Let's check out this one by humai.

Engaging with Empathetic AI

So we'll say, start a conversation and we'll say, hi, good morning, how are you doing? Well, hello there. I'm doing just wonderful, thanks for asking.

Detecting Emotions

I sense you're feeling a bit mixed, excited, interested, and maybe a touch of determination. Whatever's going on, I am all ears. If you want to share, the floor is yours.

The New AI Threshold

So notice how it is detecting different elements with emotions. In fact, it's mapping me and the AI across the top.

AI Measuring Emotional States

So let's say something like, I've just had some really sad, okay, it's at capacity. You get the idea. They've literally just launched. I had a really good play with it earlier on in the week, and this is incredibly exciting because we have now crossed the new AI threshold, which is that there's no reason now why AI can't get a better emotional measure of a human being than another human can.

Understanding Nonverbal Cues

I mean, we give ourselves a little credit for being able to be sat opposite a person and pick up on all of these nonverbal cues to get a judge of how they're feeling, how we can respond to them for a particular outcome.

Advancements in Emotional Analysis

But you couldn't sit someone down and say, you know, score this person on 60 different metrics about how they're feeling. Rate there. Rate 60 different emotions against what you're feeling about their presence in the room. Well, hum AI can do that. They've got some very exciting products and API coming up, and also they seem to have a good ethos behind them.

Promoting Human Wellness Through AI

They've got a charter of how their product can be used, and overwhelmingly their aim is that they are promoting human wellness through AI.

Applications of Empathetic AI

So what applications can you think of using something like hum AI in your bubble application or no-code app? Please leave a comment down below and share your ideas.

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