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Alternative to Calendly, why I use SavvyCal

Discover why Savvycal, with its sleek and inviting week view calendar and robust features like integrations with Google, Exchange, and iCloud, as well as payment processing and team features, is the preferred choice over Calendly for scheduling and appointment needs in the world of no-code.

Why I Love Savvycal and Why it's Better than Calendly

This is why I love Savvycal and why I think Savvycal is better than Calendly for all of your calendar scheduling and appointment needs. And this is just part of a little mini series that I've been encouraged to do through the comments of bits of software that we use here at Planet No Code, basically to run our business each week. And I take bookings for bubble coaching through Savvycal. And I started with Calendly. Know, as I expected, is familiar with many of you using Calendly for many years.

But then I watched SavvyCal launch and I just saw how quickly the team were developing new features and in so many ways they've been ahead of the curve. And then I've seen Calendly playing catch. You know, I enjoy and I think it's a good thing to support more of like an independent developer team than one of the giants there. I love it when someone challenges the status quo and disrupts the market, and that's what I've seen SavvyCal doing.

The Main Draw of Savvycal

So the main draw of SavvyCal was the fact that they give you a page with a week view like this. Calendly may have caught up with this, but certainly when I made the switch, this was SavvyCal's look and they were the only people doing it. And they make a big point of that down here, which is that other scheduling apps look like that, SavvyCal looks like this. And I just think it's so much more inviting to have a big week view of your calendar on a sales page. And the user can then just click in on exactly the hour they want. They can see it in basically regard of other time slots in the day.

Time Slots and Integrations

And talking of time slots, SavvySal of course has all of the integrations in with your Google, your exchange, your iCloud calendar so that you don't get double booked in any occasions. You can take payments through SavvyCal, you can set up custom webhooks, you can limit scheduling frequencies. They've added in the last year or so loads of amazing team features such as like around Robin, so that you could pace calls over certain people. They've just added in, they've added in priority there. So you could have five team members, but you could shift the priority of allocating more bookings to two of them, for example.

More Features and Integrations

Yeah. Connecting in all your calendars, adding in buffers everything you would expect from a scheduling calendar app, including some really nice embeds. Yeah, basically I was drawn to SavvyCal because of the way it looks. I wanted to do something a little bit different to Calendly and then since then I've just thought that the team is fantastic and they release updates every few weeks and they're very receptive. And yeah, I find it feels good to support them with our business.

Zoom Integration and Recommendations

Here we go. You can also integrate in with Zoom, so when someone books a bubble coaching call with me, it automatically generates a Zoom event, populates that in the event details. You can do the same with Google needs and Microsoft Teams. They've got HubSpot, they've got CRM, they've got so much going on here, so many integrations, and I would just really recommend that if you are currently using Calendly, you give SavvyCal a look.

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