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Create Google Slides from Bubble

How to send data to Google slides to create charts, body text, and images (for branding/logos)

Email Parsing

Mailersend (1) bubble app sends automated message on a schedule (2) user replies (3) parse reply + attachments (mailersend, but the same for sendgrid would be groovy as well)

Digital goods marketplace

2 sided digital products marketplace Admin dashboard User profile and dashboard as a seller and buyer Payment connection
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12 hours ago at 12 hours ago

Custom Dropdown with Search

Adding Search to Custom Dropdown in Let's add a custom search to our custom dropdown that I built in a previous video. So we've got this dropdown here which when I click on it, it brings up a repeating group. In a group focus, we can choose a different contact in our database and […]
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5 days ago at 5 days ago

Building a Custom Dropdowns in Bubble

Creating a Custom Dropdown in For when the default browser drop down is not enough. In this Bubble tutorial video, I'm going to show you how we can create a custom dropdown that includes other elements. And we'll be using this list of contacts and picking out the contact name and the profile image […]
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6 days ago at 6 days ago

Add a logo to Postmark templates

Introduction Postmark is a fantastic email API with some amazing features such as the ability to easily send like merge field data. So populate data in a field in the template from your Bubble app and send it all across with like a code example just like this one. But what if you want to […]
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2 weeks ago at 2 weeks ago

Comparing Resend, Postmark & Loops - Email APIs for SaaS

Email API provider If you're planning to launch your MVP app with bubble building with no code and you haven't seriously considered an email API provider, then this video is for you because I'm going to be comparing my top three starting with Resend. Resend So resend is relatively new onto the scene. And here […]
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2 weeks ago at 2 weeks ago

Empathic AI - AI Demo with

Introduction: Empathetic AI Did you know there is now empathetic AI that can detect the tone as well as analyzing the words that you use when you engage with it? Let's check out this one by humai. Engaging with Empathetic AI So we'll say, start a conversation and we'll say, hi, good morning, how are […]
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3 weeks ago at 3 weeks ago

Let’s Build a No Code Invoice Web App - Part 4 (Email Invoices)

Invoicing App Setup In this Bubble tutorial video I'm going to show you how we can take the no code invoicing app we've built so far and add a click to email the invoice to your client and include that invoice in the content of the email. Now we're going to be using postmark as […]
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