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Product Management for Startups

Say goodbye to inefficient scoping, lackluster customer insights, and post-development stagnation with Product Management for Startups. Learn strategic development, focused product validation, and effective customer acquisition strategies.

Product Management

Product Management is for you if you...

Building Without Demand: Initiating the development process without confirming if there's a genuine need or desire for the app, leading to wasted time and resources.

Lack of Customer Insight: Jumping into development without a clear understanding of the potential user base, their needs, and how the app addresses those needs.

Undefined Scope: Starting the project without a clear plan, often resulting in overly ambitious features that aren't feasible for solo entrepreneurs or small teams.

Scope Creep: Expanding the project scope too widely, taking on more than is manageable, which can lead to burnout or project abandonment.

Lack of Validation: Forgoing the crucial step of validating the app concept with potential users before full-scale development, risking the project's relevance and success.

Inappropriate Tools and Resources: Investing in courses, templates, or tools that aren't well-suited to the specific project needs, leading to inefficiency and unnecessary expenses.

Post-Development Stagnation: Completing the minimum viable product (MVP) without a plan for attracting users or customers, leaving the app with little to no user engagement post-launch.


Product Management isn't for you if....

You aren't serious about launching an no code MVP
You already have a team with decades of startup experience

Join Product Management today to...

Rapid Product Realization from Idea to Market: Swiftly transition from concept to a customer-ready product, embodying the entire product lifecycle within a few weeks.

Fail-Fast to Validate Ideas and Minimize Risks: Embrace a fail-fast approach to quickly validate your app ideas, ensuring minimal risk and optimal resource use.

Customer Identification Before Development: Master the art of identifying and understanding your target audience upfront, aligning your app's features with their needs.

Quick MVP Definition and Efficient Scoping: Learn how to define and scope your Minimum Viable Product effectively and efficiently, focusing on essential features that deliver value.

Build a Successful Business with Our No-Code Product Cycle: Apply our proven No-Code Product Cycle to streamline development and enhance your app's market success.

Agile Development for Rapid Iteration and Improvement: Adopt agile principles to swiftly develop, test, and iterate your app, fostering continuous improvement and adaptability.

Optimize User Journeys for Enhanced Experience: Gain insights into mapping out user journeys effectively, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience from start to finish.

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Course content

Our course content has been battle-tested and refined through live sessions with a dedicated group of Bubble builders. 

By working closely with these builders to tackle real-world challenges, we've created a curriculum that delivers practical, actionable insights which continues to be updated and improved upon.
Why Product Management Matters
Why do startups fail?
Traditional Software Development & Challenges
Product Death Cycle
How to fail fast and cheap?
Product Management - 5 simple steps
Product Management Process Overview
NoCode Startup Product Management Cycle
Problem Framing
DVF Framework
Customer Discovery
Engage & Understand your Customers
Solve Customer Problems
User Journey, Needs & Pain Points
Product Vision (with template)
Product Strategy
Rapid Testing Techniques
Opportunity Sizing & Assessment
Service BluePrint
Transitioning to Story Mapping
Define your MVP
Traditional Project Management Model
No Code Agile Principles


Vaibhav Rana is a distinguished product management professional whose career spans across top-tier consulting and leading digital transformations in diverse industries. With advanced degrees in mechanical engineering from Cardiff and a Master’s from Cambridge, Vaibhav has built a foundation that combines analytical rigor with practical business acumen.

Starting his journey at Ernst and Young, Vaibhav has worked extensively in sectors such as oil and gas, FMCG, and public utilities, assisting organizations to radically improve their operations and service offerings. His approach to product management is deeply influenced by his consulting background, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning and scoping to build products that truly meet customer needs.

At Planet No Code, Vaibhav focuses on empowering non-technical founders to navigate the complexities of product development without getting entangled in technical details. He teaches how to effectively scope and plan products, ensuring that you can bring to market solutions that are not only viable but also desired by your customers. His methodologies are designed to help you build faster and more cost-effectively, turning ideas into successful products with precision and strategic foresight.

What our students say

Accelerate your startup today

  • Accelerated Launch with Step-by-Step Guidance: Navigate through your development journey with our structured guide, focusing your efforts on crucial steps for a successful product launch.
  • Efficiency through Focused Scope: Emphasize on critical features to enable rapid testing and iteration, conserving resources and facilitating swift adaptation based on user insights.
  • Strategic Customer Acquisition: Acquire actionable insights on identifying and engaging potential customers, converting them into users with effective product presentations.
  • Streamlined Product Management Process: Break down the product management journey into digestible steps, simplifying progress and reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Practical Real-World Techniques: Employ strategies and tools used by top product managers to make informed decisions and maintain project momentum.
  • Incorporation of Feedback Loops: Learn the critical role of user feedback in the development cycle, using it to continually refine and enhance your app.
  • Expertise and Real-World Guidance: Draw on the decade-long experience of seasoned experts, gaining practical advice and insights from the real-world success of scaling products.
  • Versatility Across Various Industries: Apply our program’s versatile strategies and tactics across different sectors, making it a valuable tool for any entrepreneur.
  • Personalized Support for Unique Challenges: Receive individualized attention to address your specific concerns and questions, tailored to your business needs for a customized learning experience.
  • Learning from Proven Success: Leverage the proven track record of our instructors, incorporating real-life case studies and experiences to enrich your learning journey.
  • Community Engagement and Networking: Benefit from a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, fostering opportunities for peer learning, networking, and collaboration.
  • Lifetime Access to Content and Updates: Enjoy ongoing access to the program and its continuous updates, keeping you at the forefront of no-code development practices.

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🧑‍💻 Watch video lessons guiding you every step of the way to building your startup at your pace.
🌟 Access to community of no coders just like you offering support and accountability.
🚀 Launch your first MVP  with confidence. Celebrate your success by sharing with the community and our team. 
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Since the start of 2024, we have been collaborating with a select group of Bubble entrepreneurs to deliver live classroom lessons on topics ranging from Bubble development to startup marketing and product management. The content has been written and tested; we just need to record it.
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