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Mindful Success

Discover scientifically proven strategies to achieve work-life balance and prevent burnout while fuelling your entrepreneurial passion.

Mental Success

Mindful Success is for you if you...

Just can't shake off that 'hustle culture'? Finding yourself working round the clock and yet feeling the tug of constant pressure?

Struggling to draw the line between work and personal life? Does it seem like your business is a guest that overstayed its welcome?

Is your motivation playing hide and seek with you? Do you have moments of extreme energy followed by phases of sheer disinterest?

Juggling a full-time job, a side hustle, and perhaps a business venture? Does it seem like 'free time' is a mythical concept to you?


Mindful Success isn't for you if....

You aren't serious about launching an no code MVP
You already have a team with decades of startup experience

Join Mindful Success today to...

Expertly apply the latest psychological research to not only sustain your business but also maintain a healthy work-life balance – no more sacrificing one for the other!

Enjoy a harmonious balance between your work and personal life, where your commitments complement rather than conflict each other.

Identify the early signs of burnout, and not just prevent it but also master the art of recharging and refreshing your passion for what you do.

Build a life infused with resilience, enabling you to bounce back from challenges with a refreshed perspective and newfound strength.

Embrace a growth mindset in every area of your life and work - turning obstacles into opportunities and failures into lessons.

Utilise the power of optimism to fuel your entrepreneurial journey - navigating through difficulties with a positive and solution-oriented outlook.

Incorporate research-backed practices to lower your stress, cultivate self-care, and promote a growth mindset for a healthier, happier you.

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Course content

Our course content has been battle-tested and refined through live sessions with a dedicated group of Bubble builders. 

By working closely with these builders to tackle real-world challenges, we've created a curriculum that delivers practical, actionable insights which continues to be updated and improved upon.
Understanding Positive Psychology
The Importance of Mental Health for Start-ups and Solopreneurs
The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Mental health
Understanding Resilience
Techniques for Building Resilience in Entrepreneurship
Case Studies: Resilience in Action
Understanding Stress and Burnout
Effects of Stress on Well-being and Performance
Strategies to Prevent and Manage Burnout
Understanding Mindfulness
Benefits of Mindfulness in Entrepreneurship
Mindfulness Exercises for Solopreneurs and Startup Founders
The Power of Optimism in Entrepreneurship
Fostering a Growth Mindset
Techniques for Cultivating Optimism
The Importance of Work-Life Balance in Startup Culture
Strategies for Achieving Work-Life Balance
Self-Care Techniques for Entrepreneurs
The Value of Positive Relationships and Social networks in Entrepreneurship
Building and Maintaining Strong Professional Relationships
Work Relationship Challenges and Strategies
Understanding Grit and its Role in Success
Strategies for Cultivating Grit and Perseverance
Cases Studies: The Role of Grit in Entrepreneurial Success
The Role of Leadership in Promoting Wellness
Building a Mentally Healthy Startup Culture
Resources for Mental health Support and Promotion in Entrepreneurship
Goal Setting & Positive Psychology
How to fail better


Hi, I'm Matt, a positive psychology practitioner and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. My passion for mental health and flourishing began during my time as a youth worker, witnessing the impact of negative mental health on teenagers.

For the past two years, I've been coaching entrepreneurs on building Bubble apps, gaining unique insights into their psyche. I'm pursuing an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, focusing on the effects of working from home, loneliness, and the intersection of human flourishing with AI. My mission is to empower individuals to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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  • Solutions Rooted in Science: We're not about hocus-pocus or quick-fix solutions. 'Mental Success' is centered around evidence-based strategies endorsed by the scientific community. Our well-researched course content is tailored to address the specific mental health and well-being challenges faced by hardworking solopreneurs like you.
  • Crafted by an Expert: The 'Mental Success' course is created by a positive psychology practitioner. But that's not all – they're also an accomplished entrepreneur. This unique blend of expertise and real-world experience translates into relevant, meaningful, and empathetic course materials that resonate with your lived experiences.

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🧑‍💻 Watch video lessons guiding you every step of the way to building your startup at your pace.
🌟 Access to community of no coders just like you offering support and accountability.
🚀 Launch your first MVP  with confidence. Celebrate your success by sharing with the community and our team. 
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Since the start of 2024, we have been collaborating with a select group of Bubble entrepreneurs to deliver live classroom lessons on topics ranging from Bubble development to startup marketing and product management. The content has been written and tested; we just need to record it.
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