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Growth Marketing for Startups

Unleash your Bubble app's potential, master the art of app growth marketing.

Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is for you if you...

Lost in Marketing: Feeling lost with no clear plan, leading to random and ineffective efforts in promoting your Bubble app.

Which Platform Works?: Unsure where to post or advertise to get your Bubble app noticed.

Spending Too Much for Little Return: Investing in ads that don’t bring back enough users or sales for your app.

Messages That Don’t Stick: Writing ads or posts that fail to resonate with your potential app users.

Social Media Woes: Using social media without seeing any real benefits for your Bubble app.

Making Content Without a Plan: Creating content that doesn’t drive user growth or engagement for your app.

SEO Confusion: Implementing SEO tactics that don’t increase your app’s visibility.

Leads Going Nowhere: Struggling to gather interest in your app, leading to disappointing lead generation results.

Ignoring the Numbers: Not leveraging data to inform and enhance your app marketing strategies.


Growth Marketing isn't for you if....

You aren't serious about launching an no code MVP
You already have a team with decades of startup experience

Join Growth Marketing today to...

Find Your Marketing Path: Leave with a clear, actionable plan specifically designed to grow your Bubble app, covering all suitable marketing channels for app growth.

Message That Connects: Learn how to craft messages that not only grab attention but also compel potential users to download and engage with your Bubble app.

Advertise Like a Pro: Master advertising on platforms like Meta, Google, LinkedIn, and TikTok to precisely target and convert your ideal app audience efficiently.

Social Media Mastery: Transform social media into a key driver for your Bubble app’s growth through strategic engagement and targeted content.

Content That Drives Growth: Develop valuable content strategies that align with your Bubble app’s goals, resonating with your target audience and driving app downloads.

Simplify SEO: Utilize SEO to boost your app’s online presence, drawing in a steady stream of organic traffic.

Generate Valuable Leads: Implement smart lead generation strategies tailored to attract and retain interested users for your Bubble app.

Make Decisions With Data: Harness the power of analytics to fine-tune your marketing efforts, ensuring optimal growth for your Bubble app.

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Course content

Our course content has been battle-tested and refined through live sessions with a dedicated group of Bubble builders. 

By working closely with these builders to tackle real-world challenges, we've created a curriculum that delivers practical, actionable insights which continues to be updated and improved upon.
Overview of the program
The marketing insights stack
SaaS glossary
Solopreneur’s 2x hats
Your single metric goal
What does success look like
Vertical vs Horizontal
Your Who
What is the problem you are trying to solve?
What is the market segment or category you are trying to get into?
What is your offer, or approach, to solve the problem?
What is your product?
What is your message?
The why
Exercise: What's your story?
Introduction: Marketing channels overview
Marketing channels in 3 groups
Paid advertising overview
Digital advertising overview [2024]
Paid ads success principle
Google ads [2024]
Meta ads [2024]
Tiktok ads [2024]
Linkedin ads [2024]
Reddit ads [2024]
Bing ads
Earned media overview
SEO [2024]
Social media [2024]
Affiliate marketing
Owned media overview


Sean specializes in catapulting SaaS startups to new heights. With over 15 years of experience helping startups navigate the challenging waters of growth and scalability. His expertise spans a variety of sectors including fintech, travel, edtech, enterprise edtech, where he has successfully helped numerous companies to expand their user base and increase their market share. At Planet No Code, Sean leads growth marketing courses designed specifically for non-technical founders using Bubble to build their apps.

Sean’s approach is hands-on, focusing on actionable strategies that drive results. He teaches founders how to effectively use digital marketing tools to attract more users, enhance customer engagement, and convert engagements into lasting business growth. His insights into SEO, content marketing, and social media advertising are particularly valuable, tailored to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced tech landscape.

Whether you’re looking to refine your marketing approach or need comprehensive strategies to propel your startup into its next stage, Sean’s courses offer invaluable knowledge and support. Under his guidance, many startups have not only met but exceeded their growth expectations, proving the effectiveness of his methods in real-world applications.

What our students say

Accelerate your startup today

  • Master All Things Marketing: This course offers everything you need to elevate your Bubble app in the market, from selecting effective marketing channels to setting up successful ad campaigns and crafting impactful messages and visuals.
  • Make It Work for You: Tailored for immediate application, the lessons equip you with practical strategies to significantly enhance your Bubble app’s market presence.
  • Step-by-Step Lessons: Dive into detailed lessons that specifically address the growth of Bubble apps, providing you with the expertise to expand your app’s user base from the get-go.
  • Expert Insights & Marketing Deep Dives: Benefit from the knowledge of marketing experts specializing in app growth, alongside comprehensive tutorials packed with app-specific marketing tips.
  • Always Up-to-Date with Expanding Content: Stay on top of the latest app marketing trends with a curriculum that evolves to include the newest strategies and channels relevant to Bubble app developers.
  • Personalized Support in a Vibrant Community: Join a community of app developers and marketers, offering personalized advice and shared experiences to overcome marketing challenges together.
  • Versatile & Tailored for All Businesses: Whether you’re launching a new Bubble app or seeking to scale an existing one, these adaptable strategies are designed to support your growth at any stage.
  • Lifetime Access to Cutting-Edge Marketing Knowledge: Secure lifelong access to a treasure trove of marketing resources, continuously updated to keep your Bubble app competitive in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

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🧑‍💻 Watch video lessons guiding you every step of the way to building your startup at your pace.
🌟 Access to community of no coders just like you offering support and accountability.
🚀 Launch your first MVP  with confidence. Celebrate your success by sharing with the community and our team. 
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Since the start of 2024, we have been collaborating with a select group of Bubble entrepreneurs to deliver live classroom lessons on topics ranging from Bubble development to startup marketing and product management. The content has been written and tested; we just need to record it.
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